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Product Information

Are your products kosher?

Yes, our products are certified kosher dairy by the Kashruth Council of Canada.

What allergens do your products contain?

Our products contain wheat, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and/or soy. Each product lists allergens on the label and ingredient lists can be viewed here. We do our best to prevent cross-contamination, but even products that do not contain a specific allergen may have come into contact with the allergens listed above.

Where can I find ingredients and nutrition facts?

All ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here.

Do you follow a food safety program?

Yes, we have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) policy and a HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plan implemented at our facility.

What is the shelf life of your product?

As long as the cookie remains sealed in its original packaging, it has a shelf life of 6 months.

How should I store your cookies?

Once you have opened the heat sealed package, any uneaten cookies should be stored at room temperature in a sealed package/container. In this case they will be good for approximately two months. Alternatively, you can store uneaten cookies in the freezer. As with all baked goods, the sooner they are consumed the better they will taste.