Q:  Are your products Kosher?

A:  Yes, we are certified Kosher (Dairy) by the Kasruth Council of Canada.

Q:  What is the shelf life of your cookies?

A:  6 – 9 months depending on the cookie type of cookie.  All cookies are labelled with a best before date.

Q:  Do you have food safety programs in place?

A:  Yes, we implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) policies and procedures at our facility.

Q:  Are your cookies peanut-free?

A:  We do not use peanuts or tree nuts in our facility.  We only purchase ingredients from suppliers with allergen control programs in place.  Additionally, we do not purchase any ingredients from suppliers who process nuts on the same production line.  That being said, we are not currently certified as a “nut-free” facility by any third party certification bodies.

Q:  How do I store your cookies?  Do they need to be refrigerated?

A:  Our cookies should be stored at room temperature and will not benefit from refrigeration.  However if you wish to extend the shelf life cookies can be stored in the freezer.