Our Story

Take a small bakery in the basement of an old building, add two good friends, a few pounds of flour, sugar and butter and mix it all up.  Spread in a pan and bake and now you have A Couple of Squares.

The year was 1997 and our hopes and dreams for a little bakery that made really good treats was born.

Our bakery is now a 9,000 square foot facility and the two good friends are still here, surrounded by thousands of pounds of flour, sugar and butter.

In the ensuing years, our focus has moved from squares to cookies – from hand-iced creations to simply delicious biscuits.  Our bakers weigh, mix and scoop dough just the way you would at home.  The only difference is our batches weigh 150 lbs.  These mounds of dough are rolled, cut, decorated and packaged by caring, artistic and careful hands. We love what we do and we hope that love comes through in the look and taste of our cookies.

We believe cookies should taste good, look good and smell good.  We strive to make cookies that live up to that promise.